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Thank you for visiting the Carreck Hollywood celebrity, blockbuster movie and musical star fan site. We are dedicated to talking about the blockbuster movies and the Hollywood stars who bring the big screen to life. Come join our movie forum where we discuss new movie releases, movie reviews and the juicy gossip about our favorite celebrities. We started this website with the intention of being just a movie and celebrity entertainment website but with the support of our internet community we have expanded into movie related facts, news, trivia, reviews and high quality celebrity wallpaper images.

Carreck.com has been the brainchild myself and Mr. Film. Mr. Film and I really enjoy discussing movies and the many hot new celebrities found in movie cinema today. While visiting other movie related websites, Mr. Film and I came to realize that many critics have lost touch with the magic of the big screen. All too often movies are rated on the story (Don't get us wrong the story is important) and not enough emphasis is put on "Did you enjoy the movie?". This site is dedicated to bringing back the purity of the movie going experience. There have been many so called "B" rated movies that wouldn't meet critical acclaim but were overlooked by the conventional movie viewer that it is a shame. There are many lesser quality movies that inspire us, and leave us thoroughly entertained. The Armies of Darkness is a great example of great movie that would never receive any positive reviews, yet it is a fabulous movie!

Probably the way in which standard movie sites fail to meet our expectations is the way they review movies. The problem is simply that reviewers do not write a review with the people going to the movie in mind. Critics tend to be pompous, self indulging egomaniacs that have no clue about what you and I like to watch. To put it nicely most critics are out of touch with reality. On Carreck.com you will find movie reviews that are completely based on our enjoyment factor of the film. The storyline, the plot, the acting, the cinematography, the camera work, the director will all have an effect on our movie reviews methods but the most important criteria used is, did we enjoy the movie? Many times I have left a crowded movie theater with great thoughts about a movie only to read the reviews the next day that were less then flattering. How can so many of us who went to see the movie, and really enjoyed it, be so wrong? My thoughts are that most movie critics do not actually watch the movie they review, or that they have become so desensitized over the years that they are no longer able to see a movie for what it is.

The goal of this site is to bring back your pure enjoyment of watching movies and maybe make some new friends along the way. We are critics but first of all we are movie lovers, and so the reviews and comments are based on our enjoyment level. The reviews and viewpoints on movies are those of fans. As fans of movies we do not write reviews based on making a living, but on the love of the movie going experience!

We are really excited about our newly launched celebrity and movie related forums. The best part of the forum is getting together people from all over the world to discuss different movie related viewpoints and topics. It is a whole lot of fun so join up today!

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Future plans for Carreck.com

Fully interactive movie trivia section - This is where you can pit your movie knowledge against the movie guru. This guy has nothing better to do then stump you. Mr Film is a movie going maniac who cannot to be stopped. This will be one of the most enjoyable sections of the site when it is finally complete and we look forward to stumping you in the near future.

Celebrity Biographies - We are currently working on celebrity bios for our favorite celebrities. This is a whole lot of work so we are looking for volunteers to help out!!

Movie Cast lists - Another huge task but we hope to start by adding the cast list of our favorite films. Again with the large volume of work, we are looking for volunteers to help out.